Specifications for Toluene
Parameter Value
Molecular Formula C7H8
Mol Wt 92.13
CAS # [108-88-3]
Description Clear colourless liquid free from suspended matter
Purity (%) 99.9 min
Distillation range in deg cel 110.6 ± 1
Sp gravity @ 27/27 deg cel 0.859 -0.863
Benzene (% 0.1 max
Sulphur in ppm 1 max
ROI in mg/1000ml 5 max

Industry Applications
Process and Manufacturing general purpose solvent in chemical industries especially in pharma
Colourants key raw material in manufacture of ONT, MNT and PNT
Coatings key solvent in automotive paints used by OEM’s
Petroleum As gasoline additive
Phytochemicals in extraction of various phytochemicals from plants

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