Specifications for N- Butyl Acetate
Parameter Value
Molecular Formula C6H12O2
Mol Wt 116.16
CAS # [123-86-4]
Description Clear colourless liquid with characteristic odour
Assay 99% min
Distillation range in deg cel 123-129
Acidity as acetic acid (%) 0.01 max
KF Water (%) 0.01 max
Density at 27/27 deg cel 0.872-0.875
ROE (%) 0.01 max

Industry Applications
Pharma In mfr of penicillin G and other pharma products
Cosmetics As solvent and thinner for lacquers containing NC, methacrylate ester and PVC polymers
Coatings As flow property improver in lacquers, paints and coatings

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