Specifications for Isopropyl Alcohol
Parameter Value
Molecular Formula C3H8O
Mol Wt 60.09
CAS # [67-63-0]
Description Clear colorless liquid
Purity (%) 99.0 min
Sp gravity @ 25/25 deg cel 0.779 – 0.781
Moisture (%) 0.05 max
Distillation range in deg cel 81 – 84
Acidity as acetic acid (%) 0.002 max

Industry Applications
Pharma As general purpose solvent
Process and Manufacturing In non-cumene mfr of acetone In mfr of glycerol and isopropyl acetate. Essential raw material in manufacture of all isopropyl esters
Fuel In antifreeze compositions
Printing Ink Essential solvent in quick-set off-set inks and sheet-fed inks
Brewing In denaturing ethyl alcohol
Cosmetic In cosmetics including after-shave, body-rubs & hand lotion
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