Nitro Benzene Manufacturers

Specifications for Benzene
Parameter Value
Molecular Formula C6H6
Mol Wt 78.06
CAS # [71-43-2]
Description Clear colurless liquid matter
Sp gravity @ 27/27 deg cel 0.882 – 0.885
Flash point in deg ce (-) 11
Distillation range in deg cel 80 ± 1
Purity (%) 99.9min
Colour (APHA) 10max

Industry Applications
Thermoplastics and Elastomers MFR of Styrene monomer
Phenolic resins MFR of phenol
UPR MFR of maleic anhydride
Agrochemicals MFR of Malathion
Colourants MFR of aniline and downstreams ; as solvent in dyes manufacturing
Textile & Rubbe MFR of caprolactum

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