Trader of acetone in Delhi

J.K.chemicals was started under dynamic leadership of Late. Shri Tara Chand Garg in 1990, with the aim of marketing quality chemicals from globally acclaimed manufacturers. It provides a basket of services and end-to-end solutions to customers. We have customers that include many of leading industries, trading houses, private and public sector enterprise. The company’s portfolio comprises of over twenty products categorized as Alcohols, Ketones, Acetates, Hydrocarbon, and Glycols. J.K Chemicals as a multi faceted enterprise continues to grow in a variety of market segments responding to the fast- changing needs of its customers with unrivalled customer service and satisfaction. It operates good technology platform that helps the company in managing information as per global standards. J.K Chemicals continues to develop this segment by way of establishing joint ventures, exclusive representation, distribution and business development for products directed at emerging markets..

Our Added Value

Maintaining a consistent level of high quality has been our standard for year to years our customers want nothing less than quality and stability in every product. To meet the ever-evolving, technological demands we've implemented rigid, sophisticated controls. Our progressive management includes a continual upgrading of all our systems punctuated with monitored quality checks and consistent traffic follow-ups.

And yes, we still offer one-on-one personal service every time, any time.

Our response network never closes. J.k.Chemicals stocks inventory in a network of warehouses throughout North india. But one of the undeniable advantages of maintaining a more scaled-down size than some of our competitors, is just this: a carefully trained staff that can focus on giving our clients one-on-one attention. We want our company to be known not only for advanced and accurate solutions, but also for the caliber of personal service we deliver. Running a lean, aggressive operation shouldn't mean sacrificing courtesy.

We value our partnerships with both suppliers and customers.

We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships that invariably prove beneficial to both our suppliers and customers, whatever the market. Over the years, we've proven this with an ever-expanding pool of worldwide contacts which translates into all-around better sourcing and more competitive pricing. J.K.Chemicals provides the chemicals for the manufacture of products that range from commodities to specialty preparations. What's more, to meet the challenges of our market's technologies, we are able to work as advocates for innovation by developing joint projects between our suppliers and customers.