Methanol Traders in Delhi

Specifications for Methanol
Parameter Value
Molecular Formula CH4O
Mol Wt 32.05
CAS # [67-56-1]
Description Clear colorless liquid free from suspended matter
Assay (%) 99.85 min
Distillation range in deg cel 64.6 ± 0.1
Sp gravity @ 20/20 deg cel 0.791 -0.793
Potassium permanganate time test at 15 deg cel 60 min
Carbonizable substances on Pt-Co scale 30 max
Ethanol in ppm 50 max
Chloride as Cl in ppm 0.2 max
Sulphur in ppm 0.5 max
Acetone & aldehyde in ppm 30 max
Acetone in ppm 20 max
Acidity as acetic acid in ppm 30 max
Alkalanity as NH3 in ppm 30 max
Total iron in ppm 0.1 max
Non-volatile matter in ppm 10 max
Moisture (%) 0.1 max

Industry Applications
Process and Manufacturing Key raw material in manufacture of formaldehyde, paraformaldehyde, MTBE, hexamine, dimethyl sulphate, methyl amines, di- and tri-methyl phospha tes, and methyl methacrylate Also as general purpose solvent in chemical industrie s, especially pharma, agrochemicals and fragrances
Renewable Energy Key RM in mfr of biodiesel
Coating As flow adjustor in paint industries
Automotive Coolant for automotives

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